Why Norad Travel Management


Essential ingredients for a superior service

Saving time for travel arrangers

Today's proliferation of booking channels means excessive time and effort for travel arrangers seeking the best available prices. Our experts understand how to efficiently exploit this multiplicity of choice, whilst meeting the requirements of corporate policy.  And they possess the technical know-how necessary to unearth creative and viable fare options to satisfy the demands of the traveller's individual itinerary.

Saving money for the Company

An early review of your current travel policy and associated supplier agreements is essential to understand the opportunity to effect further savings for the Company. We will re-negotiate existing hotel and / or airline deals to drive down unit costs and monitor the effective penetration of such agreements. We will report in detail on usage and recommend alternative hotel properties and airline suppliers who we feel are able to provide a commensurate quality of service at a lower cost to the Company without compromising the traveller experience.

Improving control for the Company 

The provision of global reporting is an important facet of the managed travel programme for corporations today. Our flexibility in creating a bespoke reporting system will ensure timely and accurate information. 

Taking care of our Customers and their travellers

Global Traveller Tracking facilities and Security Alerts are automatically provided for all travellers in the event of any emergent situation worldwide which may impact on your travelers' itineraries. These are in addition to the service provided by our out-of-hours emergency centre. TripCase is our recommended mobile itinerary application to keep travellers and their families abreast of flight changes and cancellations.

To accelerate your travel management programme contact : 

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