On the 1st July 2019 Virgin Atlantic will be joining Air France, KLM, Delta and Kenyan Airways as part of the Bluebiz joint corporate loyalty programme. The programme allows business travellers to earn and spend ‘blue credits’ on flights with all partner airlines.

In today's uncertain global climate how confident are your travellers in your response to an emerging crisis?

A time comes when a DIY approach to travel management - where the responsibility for booking travel within a company lies with the nominated travel booker and/or travellers - becomes a liability to a growing SME.

Research takes longer due to the growing number of business trips, purchasing costs increase and all related administrative activity becomes more complex.

For many, it's not a question of if, but when, to migrate corporate travel responsibility to a professional Travel Management Company (TMC).

With three core benefits on offer is it time for your company to hand over the helm?

An innovative approach to travel management

Four essential ingredients helps us to deliver a superior end-to-end travel management service.

Saving time for travel arrangers

The proliferation of booking channels in existence today means that travel arrangers can expend excessive time and effort in attempting to source today's best available fares and rates. Our expertise lies in a close understanding of ths multiplicity of choice and the technical skills to unearth creative and viable fare options that match the requirements of both the corporation and the travellers individual itinerary.