Peace of mind for Companies and their business travellers

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Peace of mind for Companies and their business travellers

In today's uncertain global climate how confident are your travellers in your response to an emerging crisis?

Only 36% of business travellers feel confident that they would be contacted by their company in an emergency.

This alarming statistic was highlighted in a Duty of Care survey conducted by Concur recently reflecting business travellers' lack of confidence in their employer's ability to help in an emergency. 

"In an increasingly uncertain global environment the need to protect travelling employees is more important than ever which is where experienced travel management companies like ourselves can help as part of our managed service"
Clare Govan, Account Manager - Norad Travel Management

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Deploying an immediate response

We provide Global Traveller Tracking facilities and Security Alerts automatically as part of our continuous care for corporate travellers in the event of an emergency situation worldwide that may impact travellers’ itineraries mid-trip.

Travellers can be notified immediately by telephone, SMS or email and travel plans quickly realigned as part of a crisis management response. This means that travellers can go about their business around the globe with complete confidence, with the reassurance that when plans occasionally go astray we are working behind the scenes to get them home or back on track with minimum fuss and disruption.


Ensuring a seamless journey

Norad Travel Management preserve the integrity of every itinerary through effective customer management and close attention to detail. All Norad passengers’ personal travel details (including seat & meal preferences) are held in our systems and automatically uploaded into individual reservations. Should itinerary changes be required whilst on the move, even when in a completely different time zone, this data can be accessed by our Out-of-Hours Emergency Centre to ensure a seamless continuation of the traveller’s journey. Possession of critical data such as passport details means that we can proactively notify the necessary authorities in order to comply with international administrative requirements such as Airline Passenger Information (API) checks. All personal data is confidential and held within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.


Implementing a clear and transparent travel policy

The requirement of an effective travel policy has come into sharper focus recently as a result of an escalation in the frequency of crisis situations. It is clear, however, that many organisations have not reviewed their travel policy to reflect this changed environment. We contribute to the construction and management of corporate customers’ formal Travel Policy using the knowledge and experience we have gained over 35 years as a Travel Management Company.

The existence of a clear and emphatic policy process, combined with an appropriate duty of care strategy enables us to respond quickly to get people home to their families quickly and safely. As part of our ongoing client management, we remind customer companies of the need to periodically review travel policy and associated employee regulations, specifically in relation to instructions for travellers embroiled in a developing crisis.This is important not only in order to provide clarity and reassurance to travellers, but also to allow us to be of greater assistance when communicating and policing the company’s instructions to employees caught in the maelstrom of uncertainty in such crisis events.

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