Smart ways to smooth the journey


Simplify your travel experience with TripCase.

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TripCase lets you manage your flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations in a single intuitive app. Get airport terminal and gate information in one glance, and receive notifications if there is a change to your flight. 

  • View meetings, flights and ground arrangements organised chronologically
  • Share your trip with others & TripCase will keep them updated for you
  • View flight information & receive speedy notifications if anything changes
  • Locate your aircraft seat or see what is available with real-time seat maps
  • Search alternate flights when you need to adjust plans.

Download TripPay for stressless hotel bookings worldwide.

As a frequent business traveller you may have experienced the frustration of trying to check in to your hotel only for the receptionist to claim that no payment has been received for the booking. 

With the TripPay app on your smartphone all of your hotel reservation data, including payment details, are stored and instantly available whenever the situation demands it, saving travellers time, money - and significant stress...