Brexit and Business Travel.

Written by  Chris Talbot
Brexit and Business Travel.

As we head nearer to the date for Brexit, Norad Travel wanted to update you with the latest news surrounding Business Travel.

From 1st January 2021 the UK will be classed as a 'third country' and Schengen rules will apply to UK travellers, this allows visa free travel to all Schengen countries in the EU as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.  Travel to Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania will have differing requirements as although they are within the EU they are non-Schengen countries.  All Business travellers are however required to make some extras checks for travel as each EU country has its own set of entry requirements and documentation required.  Further information relating to this can be found here: 

Please also be aware a British passport will only be acceptable for travel to the EU if it is less than 10 years old and has a validity in excess of 6 months left on the day you travel. Previously if you renewed your passport before it’s expiry date the Passport Office would add this extra time onto the validity of your passport. Moving forward any extra months added past the ten year validity of a passport will no longer be considered.

The below image demonstrates some of the requirements to be eligible for the Schengen visa free zone which you may be required to produce if asked on arrival.


Norad Travel are currently working with their Passport & Visa Supplier CIBT who are developing a tool that will enable travellers to carry out an auto assessment on their proposed trip to the EU.  The tool will allow you to input the activities that will be carried out during the stay, job titles, nationality and country of visit which will assess whether they can compliantly enter under the Schengen visa free regime or whether they would require a work permit to compliantly carry out the activities. This is still within the development stage, but we are hoping this will be available shortly.